A Little Piece of Paradise 

I’m writing this post as I listen to the heavenly sound of a waterfall. I am in an oasis, a heaven on earth. 

Nicaragua is many things. More than I could have ever imagined. And I’ve imagined it a lot since I was a little girl.

It both brings joy and sorrow to my heart. It is a beautiful country- but it is painted in poverty. I am not niave to think everyone lives as comfortably as I do, but to think of  all the loss these people have endured and continue to endure breaks my heart. Yet, their resiliency is comforting. They are strong.

Let’s see – 

Since landing in Nicaragua I’ve learned my palate is more selective than I thought; my parents told me I am on a “nica diet”. It’s not that I don’t like the food … It’s just that some flavours require an acquired taste. And I’ve yet to have aquired that taste. 

Coming to Nicaragua and not being able to speak the language has hurt more than I realized it would. It’s one thing to not be able speak spanish in Canada but to be surrounded by people of my heritage and to not understand them – it all seems too much. In my own way I’ve deemed it a tragedy. I cried to be honest. My parents had no idea why I was crying in the middle of the day but I couldn’t help the anguish my heart felt for missing that part of my culture.

That being said my resolve to learn the language has never been stronger. Dedication is the key.

I am very grateful to be on this trip, I’ve learned and experienced so much. I’ve a new found appreciation for the opportunities I was born into because of the family I have and the country I live.

It truly is beautiful and I truly feel blessed.

– Steph



This is just a short post to express how excited and happy I am! My loving father has taken me on a trip with him, let’s just call it The Ultimate Daddy-Daughter-Date. We are in Los Angeles, which is a first for me. It’s a weekend trip but it’s going to be epic! The highlight of our trip will be us watching a live boxing match, Chocolatito vs. Cuadras for a world title (both undefeated). This is an especially special fight because Chocolatito is a boxer from Nicaragua, where my father is from. Boxing is something me and my father share; growing up I was the only daughter that would sit and watch the fights with him – so it’s fair to say it’s our thing.

I’m just so happy to be on this trip. It’s a check off my bucket list “watch a live boxing match with my dad”. He’s calling it an early birthday present. Definitely a present that will make my 25th birthday that much more memorable. 

We’ve watched the weigh-ins (I got the most awkward tan of life!) We’ve gone to Venice Beach, the California ScienCenter AND watched the fight.

And it was incredible! I could barely breathe the whole time from being so nervous. I can only imagine how the actual fighters felt. It was an amazing experience and made me appreciate my heritage that much more. I’ve never been around so many Nicaraguans in my life (there aren’t many in my city in Canada) and it was just a really cool experience.

What an amazing weekend.
– Steph