What is Beautiful?


It’s a beautiful Saturday, I woke up this morning and finished watching the BBC film Jane Eyre. I was in the mood for a tragic love story last night BUT my meds kicked in before I could finish it… go figure. So this morning as I ate my cereal, I had tears in my eyes and my heart full of love. The character Jane Eyre… holy guacamole! Words do not adequately express the strength of that young woman.  (I’ve yet to read the actual book… I really should. It’s fictional which I’ve generally strayed from BUT ohhh the substanace of Jane Eyre is completely applicable to how we can choose to rise above our unfortunate  circumstances, I imagine I could take a few notes)

I was supposed to meet a dear friend of mine for lunch today. (in a city 1.5 hrs away, she also drives 1.5 hrs and we meet in the middle) However, I was not feeling up for the drive… I’ve had headaches nearly every day this week and I never get headaches so the drive seemed quite daunting. Gratefully my friend understood and we made plans to see each other at a later date. So all is well, no one died. And I got to breathe a little easier. (I’m pretty sure my headaches are a consequence of my anxiety being a little higher this week… so fun. No…not really)

So, my Saturday has been spent in isolation by my own doing. (My parents are also away visiting my eldest sister H) And I’m happy with the choice to be on my own today… the inner nerd broke completely free and I have unexpectedly spent over 5 hrs (& still counting) studying my spanish. Who knew it could be so captivating??!

I remember when I was taking spanish in school… it was so bothersome, and yet here I am years later trying again… and I can’t seem to to get enough. I think mindset is critical when it comes to learning anything. If you look at the potential impact, application, or relavence I guarantee your interest will go up a few notches. (this is a goal I have in action with a plan!)

I love school, I’m not the best student… BUT I’m not too shabby (that was me self conciously trying not putting myself down… because as humans we do that a lot when it comes to our talents or skills. Own it, if you’ve got it. That’s not being conceited, it’s being proud of what you’ve worked for)

Anywho, when I’m not in school I still like to study and learn on a variety of topics. If someone mentions something I do not know, I look it up. I LOVE Google! I have a firm belief that continuous learning is imperative to living a full life as you discover passions and talents you otherwise would have missed out on. Does that mean I need to memorize the periodic table? … no … I could watch tutorials on making fondant cakes and give it a whirl (which i’ve done and adore doing now) or  read about our emotional EQ, study interior design, practice instruments or singing, try my hand at art… anything that engages your mind and asks you to think in a different way.. or perhaps offers a new perspective.

I am not the best student, but I am a good student AND I attribute that to being hungry. Hungry for knowledge; knowledge that I can apply and turn into wisdom.

Some people are primarily attracted to physical features… yes I fall into that category but only for a brief moment. As soon as someone opens their mouth… thats what seals the deal for my interwst. Intellect that’s what gets me every time regardless to him being a 10/10 or not. And in all honesty, YES I want to be considered beautiful by my partner BUT beyond that I want them to think my mind is beautiful. My thoughts and ideas, everything I have been learning about and bettering myself with. I want them to think that is a timeless beauty that I have.

Beauty starts from the inside. Loving ourself and building ourselves. Knowing we have no limits aside from the ones we place on ourselves. Be strong and learn. Love learning and you will set a a fire within you that will go on forever whether in isolation or in the companionship of others. Learning is timeless. And it’s fun. It doesn’t have to be boring, it can be exciting and engaging.

A beautiful women or a beautiful man, with a brain and a compassionate heart… that’s a lethal combination.

Happy Learning.

– Steph

Your Scars. Your Strengths


This has to be one of my all time favourite quotes! Alrighttt … alrighttt… I say that about every quote BUT this is seriously one of my favourites … and the imagery that it’s placed on … my oh my, just beautiful.

Scars don’t have to be physically seen in order to be classified as a scar or to earn merit… that may seem like a pointless fact to state BUT I want to make sure it’s clear and that you remember it.

Scars on the heart & the mind… those are the scars that can often do the most damage. I’m not taking away from the severity of physical scars because all are important to recognize. And the reality is whenever there are physical scars, emotional scars are also. All in all, once we accept these scars as a testament to our resiliency we can find and build new strengths we never imagined.

How many times have you thought “I can’t do this! I can’t take this anymore!” I’ve done that on numerous accounts, yet here I am writing this blog. I am alive, I survived. And there you are, reading this blog, you are alive and you survived.

We are so much stronger than we think. We go thru trials and hardships and yet we survive them even when we feel down and out. The fighter in you, the strength in you it’s unyielding. And all those scars, they remind us that we chose to live.

We live with errors of decisions, consequences, taunts from others, mental illness, physical illness, loss of loved ones, failed ventures… we live. We learn and we become stronger. You and I are so much stronger that we realize.

Our past is nothing to be ashamed of, it happened it’s over and we can learn and move on from it. The scars we bear do not make us less than. They show and manifest our resiliency our triumph over adversity. They open your eyes and heart up to new perspective.

Never be ashamed of your scars. Because they show that you are stronger than whatever it is that tried to hurt you. Even when that battle is with your self (which is often the hardest battle). You are strong, you will crawl if you can’t walk BUT you will rise up and when you do your example will lift others up who may be experiencing such pain as you once had.

You act as a beacon of hope for life itself. And for that reason embrace your scars. Hold your head up high, and know you are strong.

– Steph

Live a Life of Learning


I absolutely adore this quote! Knowledge is POWER muahahaha… just kidding no evil laugh. But on a real note, attaining knowledge is a wonderful gift each of us is entitled to (that’s right, every single one of us) Learning new things or relearning and bettering ourselves based on things we already know …. doesn’t that just excite the living day lights out of you???!!

I’ve always had a passion for learning. Call me a nerd, but I can’t pass up researching something I don’t know when it’s brought to my attention … for instance a friend of mine injured his hand/wrist. Beyond saying “that’s too bad” I asked what exactly his injury consisted of… hairline fracture, ligaments and two of his 2 carpals… I didn’t know where the carpals where located – so I Googled it and I can now tell you where they are…. although I don’t recall their exact names…. (I think I’d like to refresh and restudy the human anatomy…I once knew the medical terms but without application I forgot them)

In all honestly I l used to read the dictionary when I was in elementary/Jr. High … true story. I have a love of words and the proper application of them (although I am by no means perfect – but I try) I have a dictionary app on my phone and when I’m waiting … I’ll randomly read definitions (I don’t play games on my phone like my sisters do unless they are word/factual games … or brain power apps like “elevate” I highly recommend it… anywho that’s just my nerdy preference)

Trying to apply your knowledge is what makes you wise. Merely knowing is not enough. Sharing … that’s a form of application. Literally “doing it” is a form of application. And how great is the feeling when you do both learn and apply. Even if you fail! Failing is the perfect opportunity to learn even more!… like one of my previous posts “I never lose, I either win or I learn.

We are never too old to learn, self doubt and procrastination are our only enemy. I was inspired to write this post because I finally bit the bullet and committed to some formal learning I’ve been wanting to pursue…. drum roll please….. I registered to take a certification course for interior design! I’ve always had a passion and I’ve done my own readings on this topic, but I’m taking it to the next level. Ecstatic is an understatement for how I feel right now.

Additionally, I purchased a HUMUNGO package for learning Spanish. I’ve been meaning to do so for awhile… but I  was seemingly bit by the procrastination bug... no worries I squashed it (just like you can do) And now I am getting ready to refresh and apply what I know and embrace the imformation that I don’t. I always told myself I’d be fluent spekaing by the age of 25…. I’ve got 1 year and around 4 months left SO I better get crackin’.

What we can learn in this lifetime is infinite if we put the effort in. Learning to write in beautiful artistic fonts is achievable for people with chicken scratch writing (like myself) with patience and practice. A new talent can be developed by learning and practice and a willingness to fail BUT try again.

Don’t miss out on the beauty of learning, one step that’s all it takes to begin on an incredible adventure. Fuel your brain, fuel your passions, and you’ll fuel your soul.

– Steph

Learn to Win


Being a “loser” is a state of mind. Winning is a state of mind and learning is a state of mind.

That’s a whole lotta mind going on… so let me clarify.

Coming in last, technically means you “lost”… you are the “loserBUT you don’t have to be a loser if you take the time to think “what did I overcome that finishline” Did you fall flat on your face only to keep picking yourself up? Did you face a fear? Did you try something new for the very first time? Did you face it alone?

What did you do? And now what could you do differently? Life is full of experiences, and everything happens for a reason. BUT not in that magestic, whimsical way people like to portray it. Sometimes the reason things happen is purely because we make the wrong choices that yield consequences. For every action there is a reaction …..so deep …

Anywho, we are accountable for our consequences – good or bad. And, every single one of us have the exact same choice –  learn and grow from our consequences (losses); adding perspective and experience to our lives or take the loss as nothing more than failure, and regret that lowers our self-worth.

I used to get caught up in all my flaws all my losses, everything I did wrong. And it wasn’t until I started to change my way of thinking, that I realized my “losses” held value. The errors I made had the potential to make me a better version of myself!… if I let them.

Wallowing in “loss” will not change the fact you lost. What happened – happened. The sooner we accept that fact, the sooner we can learn from it.

When you choose to learn you chose to win. Learning and winning go hand in hand…. perhaps you may not always achieve the technical win but there’s no reason you can’t grow and win in the bigger picture called Life.

– Steph

Run to the Rainbow! And EAT IT!


Today was a day unlike any other. I tasted the rainbow AND just like the picture above it did not taste like skittles!

Okay, in all seriousness I did taste an array of colours today – unintentionally. I am proud of myself for finally checking off a box on my “to-do list”! For years I’ve wanted to participate in some sort of fun run (yes… my foot injury was a deterrent), I’d always see pictures of people at fun events and would think “ooooo that looks so fun I should go”… did I ever go? No. BUT this year was going to be different! This year I REFUSED to sit back and watch opportunities of building fun meaningful memories pass me by. I signed up for a 5 km run, with every intention to walk/jog so I could handle my foot injury –  I had compromise, there was absolutely no reason for me not to go just because I wasn’t going to run the whole race.

I had two darling companions come with me, my younger sister V and my cousin D. We were in the 9 o’clock heat, so we had a nice early morning. We arrived wearing white and left looking like a rainbow had thrown up on us… okay maybe that’s  a gross analogy… we looked like we had people throw buckets of paint and coloured powder on us as we ran by them …. wait a minute! That’s exactly what happened! And then we danced to some fun blood pumping music as we ate free food and drank free water… boy! do I love free!

Participating in this race was so fun, and I’m so glad I finally went for something out of the norm. I am really trying to grab life by the reigns and live it by being actively engaged. If I spend money to enter a fun filled day activity, so be it. It’s money well spent in my opinion, AND how often to we waste money on things we can’t even remember?? THESE ARE SOLID MEMORIES PEOPLE!

Try something out of your regular, enjoy the sun, enjoy paint being splattered across your face that you accidently eat because your mouth is open as your smiling haha….

I hope your day was as fun as mine, in all honesty I really needed today. This week has been pretty ruff going and todays event was a nice little shock of happiness. Give yourself a shock, taste the rainbow!

– Steph

One Day. That’s All It Takes.


This quote has the “it” factor… it literally made me sit back and think “wow, that was deep” giving me the urge to snap my fingers in approval as if I were at a poetry reading…. that’s the level this quote is at. I know… right??!

Just take a minute to think about it; one day. One single day could be the beginning or the end. Of something new or something old.

The beginning to a new you! A new relationship, a new hobby, a new look, a new lifestyle, a new goal… literally anything! Or the end of a bad habit. A crummy relationship, end of self doubt, the end of eating sugar (story of my life right now)…. the possibilities are endless.

One day has so much potential for good or bad …it just depends on how we use it BUT every single day… we have a clean slate of endless possibilities. It just takes one day….. keeping in mind that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Actions/endeavour you choose to pursue need maintenence on additional days … just offering a wee bit of a friendly realist remindernot that I’m trying to take away from the romance of this quote... I’m not, so lets continue to bask in its romantics! BUT remember someone’s gotta keep their feet on the ground … and holy without ever drinking a Red Bull I get caught up thinking I have wings.

Enjoy your day, explore it’s potential, or relax – embrace it as it unfolds one day at a time. And if today’s not your day (again being a realist) fear not you’ll have a fresh one tomorrow… or you could always tell yourself that in another country it’s already a new day …. and go with that!

– Steph

Are You Knocking on the Same Door?


This quote is pretty much amazing!

Going through life I think it’s safe to say that we all get excited when new doors of opportunity are opened for us, the notion of something better coming our way is fantastic, right?

But! How in the world will we ever get to those doors if we do the same-old-same-old? Complacency & Comfort these are the two words that lead us to the same door we just walked thru.

Let’s use another analogy…. You are taking a drive and you come to a fork in the road, you can either turn left or right in attempt to get to your magnificent destination with a magnificent door. You decide to take a left, sadly this left ends up being a big loop that brings you right back to your original road, so once again you are faced with that fork in the road. What road do you pick?

Holy cow!!! You pick the left again!! What??! Wait??! Why??!  Why would you pick the left again when you know it swings back around to where you originally started??

Your answer  “Ohhh silly Stephanie, I turned left again because I know that road already; I  know what to expect, I know where all the bumps and potholes are in the road now and I don’t know what to expect when I turn right.” Does that answer sound logical to you?

Taking the right, that would be a path you’ve never been on, it might be a little bumpier than the one you’ve already driven on BUT out of the two options it will be the path that leads you two the magnificent destination you initially set out to find. How can I be so sure? Because the left road, the one you’ve driven on and chose to drive on again and again gets you no where. It’s a fact I know & you know, yet you choose to drive it over and over again thinking maybe just maybe it’s going to lead you to that magnificent destination this time.

We can’t get somewhere new, we can’t experience something new, we can’t grow into someone new IF we keep driving down the same road and keep opening the same door.

What is that quote about insanity…. trying the same thing over and over again with the expectation of a different outcome, now I’m not saying your insane BUT if the shoe fits … haha I am totally kidding I’m seriously not calling anyone insane. What I am saying is be aware of the doors your walking towards and going through, if it’s the same one over and over again then you need to brace yourself for an adventure to go towards the new door full of glorious new opportunities!

Ask yourself and take your pick.