Everyone has a story. A Once upon a time…

My name is Stephanie and this blog is about my journey. Perhaps the title of my blog is a dead giveaway BUT in case it isn’t I’d like to clarify that I have Bipolar; Bipolar II to be exact.

In all honesty that’s not a fact I’ve disclosed to many people. Why?? you may ask…Quite frankly it’s because I generally find there is a stigma behind the word bipolar. I’ve heard countless jokes about cats being bipolar, ex’s being bipolar, bosses being bipolar.. basically anything that disagrees with what a person wants in that moment as being bipolar. Am I pointing fingers? No way! Up until I had my diagnosis, the very word BIPOLAR had a negative connotation in my own mind. Heck! Even when I was diagnosed with it I had to catch my breath because I thought my life was over… lo and behold it was the exact opposite. With the proper diagnosis of having Bipolar II my life finally began.

Another reason I’ve rarely disclosed that I have bipolar is because I’ve always wanted people to see me for me; not as some girl whose every reaction is a resultant of her being bipolar.

I am Stephanie and I HAVE Bipolar I am NOT bipolar. I am not the sum of this mental disease, I am an individual who chooses to live every single day regardless of it.

I have chosen to write this blog because I am not ashamed and I love myself exactly how I am; bipolar and all. This blog is the perfect opportunity to show “me” for “me”. I love life and all the opportunities it holds for me, and perhaps I can inspire you through my stories, tips and passions to see and discover you own rare beauty and potential. I want to show, inspire and build confidence within individuals who have Bipolar, those who know someone with bipolar, and individuals with absolutely no bipolar connections.

I hope you enjoy the journey to happily ever after with me.

– Steph

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Steph! So Im really new to blogging and wordpress, but I have really enjoyed looking through your blog. I was recently diagnosed as Bipolar and I have been having a hard time owning the title. I thought “there’s no better way to own it than to blog about it.” I honestly am loving looking through your site!

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    • Hey Sara 😊
      It honeslty makes me so happy that you can find some enjoyment out of my blog. It’s definitely quite a title to take on but the key thing to remember is that you have Bipolar but YOU are not bipolar, you are still Sara. We just have a different instruction manual than most people lol 😊


      • lol! Thank you so much, I think I really needed to hear that. I’ve really been struggling with the “label.”I haven’t even told my parents yet because I know their response is going to make me feel belittled, so I literally have only told my boyfriend. It’s nice to find a community of people so accepting and helpful!

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      • Labels are lethal in any aspect of life BUT I promise you that you are so much more than a label or stigma! Now that you have the diagnosis under your belt you have so much more ahead of you, as scary as it was for me to hear the words that “you’ve got bipolar 2” in retrospect they were the most liberating words I’ve ever heard! Instead of being in a constant battle with myself, I was finally able to start getting a grip on “me” in my entirety, bipolar and all. I was able to start navigating life with the hope that I would get to be alive and not just exist in complete uncontrolable chaos.

        I’m sorry that you don’t feel you can share the news of your diagnosis with your family BUT I’m definitely always here if you want to talk.

        You can message me if you’d like

        – Steph


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