So the seroquel is here to stay they’ve just lowered the dose… I can’t sleep without it. So my current meds are as follows:

Latuda 100mg
Lamotragine 250mg
Seroquel 50 mg  (this may change I’m still not sleeping that well)

My weight is still an issue but my new doctor Dr. B (as much as I loved my old Dr.L) is taking my concern very seriously and is referring me to a weight clinic where they are going to do a metabolic test and check my thyroid and all that jazz… since starting my medication well over a year ago I’ve gained 25lbs  while being a gym goer except for a few weeks here and there when I was in ultra lows.

I’m optimistic … or at least I’m trying to be optimisitic. All this weight … seems like it’s going to be impossible to lose BUT I WILL LOSE IT  medication or not I won’t be this weight forever.

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve just felt so stunted with my blogging. All my thoughts haven’t been able to be translated in writing…. their just swirling chaotically around in my head. Whenever I try to write them they just turn into rubbish. Talk about feeling uncreative and uninspired. I feel like all my creative juices have been sucked out of me.

BUT there have been some turning points in my life the past few months, I’m hoping that this will shed some light on my writing. Overall, I just figured it was better not to post than post rubbish.

– Steph

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