A New You?


It’s that joyous time of year when New Year’s Resolutions are in a full force frenzy… personally I’m a fan of the frenzy. I think it’s refreshing to see everyone with a fire in their eyes as they set out on the road to self improvement. However, do I believe that New Years is the only time we should have that flame lit and burning brightly – lighting the way towards a “New Us”?

Nope, No, No-siree-Bob, Not even close.

Yes, January is a beautiful time of year providing a perfect platform to reflect on the previous year.

Yes, January offers a fresh breath of air; that we get to eagerly breathe in as we anticipate the new adventure ahead.


Yes, January is a prime time to look at our current goals and see where we need to refine them or give ourselves a pat on the back if we’ve accomplished them.


January is not the beginning nor the end of our goal setting and acheiving. When we take away the pressure of setting our goals only at the start of the new year we’re giving ourselves a chance to look at the bigger picture. And that picture just so happens to be continuing on our journey to “Improve You” not start off a “New You”.

Goals are great year round and into the next year and next year … There is no such thing as missing the boat when we want to set our goals. And when we set our goals we shouldn’t be motivated by the date of January 1st, we should be motivated just as the quote above reads “… that we are not where we want to be..”

When you realize your worth, your self-worth, your infinite-worth you will have a fire burn within you that cannot be distinguished no matter what mood/state your in. Perhaps your flame will burn with the strength of a single match at times (mine does) BUT it still burns. And when your mood rises that little match will blaze into a bonfire once more.

I have a flame burning within my own life, my goals are set with the intention of improving upon the person I already am  because I know there is so much more for me to discover. This year isn’t about a “New You” you’re already amazing, this year is about “Improving You” building on the foundation you have or strengthening it, exploring your talents and taking control of your health.

When you do this – YES you will feel new BUT the key is remebering all of that potential and greatness was within you this whole time.

Happy January Everyone!

– Steph