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Thank you for bearing with my MIA, so much has transpired & I will do my best to update without turning this post into a novel.

Firstly – I’m currently in the process of changing my medication. So as you can imagine there has been plenty of excitement and anxiety about the process. Anxiety predominantly BUT excitement in regards to my weight (the new medication should ease off on my weight) and also just a happier balanced me.

** So quick details I am switching from Seroquel aka Quetiapine to Latuda AND I will still be at the same dose for my Lamotrigine.

Secondly – I moved out of my parents house and I relocated closer to school (I was previously commuting 1hr – 1.5hrs) I am now a glorious 10 minutes  away from campus. I have a roommate which I’ve never experienced in my life SO that’s new … my ocd labeling and organizing became apparent to her the first day šŸ™‚ it’s a gift I tell you.

I made a contract with my parents in order for me to move out. I came up with that idea on my own… it keeps me accountable to my doctor appointments, my school grades, going home so my parents can see I’m  alive and looking for employment of up to 8-10 hrs max (gearing towards taking on more responsibility)  if I should breach any of the following home again home again I will go BUT I have a good feeling about this (bonus I’m only a month to month lease)

Thirdly – I finished my first semester! And if I do say so myself I pulled off some A’s. The studying and losing my mind was worth it and I’m ecstatic to hit semester 2 (it begins this Monday)

Fourthly… just kidding. Forth – Boys are dumb … alright that is an over generalization BUT goodness gracious the hoopla that’s been enwrapped with the boys crossing my path… I’m praying 2016 the odds are ever in my favor.

Fifth – I participated in a study for people with bipolar. It was a slightly boring yet interesting process. I thought it would be a positive experience for the sake of education…. which will lead me to my next post.

I’m going to stop this post here, I’ll have my thoughts up tomorrow regarding a particular moment during the study that hit a nerve and that I deemed necessary to correct the researchers… it’s all about people’s choice of words.

Happy New Year!

– Steph

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