Every Move You Make


This cracked me up pretty good.

I don’t know about you, but this is exactly how my dog Nutmeg looks whenever I have food in my hand.

Oh the joys of having a dog, they follow their heart and their nose! But I wouldn’t trade Nutmeg’s watchful eyes for anything in the world, all the attention even if it’s just for food makes me feel special 😛

I’ve honestly been meaning to post some actual photos of Nutmeg … but I’m telling you she’s one of the least photogenic dogs I’ve ever seen! Believe me when I say she’s beyond adorable… it just so happens that the camera has a difficult time catching it. Also, I don’t think it helps that Nutmeg begins licking me incessantly whenever I pull the camera out… it’s as if it’s her own personal que.

I’m going to try again this upcoming week to capture her cuteness.

Hopefully you’ve all had a good week, I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend.

(I’m not gonna lie it’s been a bit ruff this week for me)

– Steph