A New Me. Goodbye 23.


This quote definitely got the wheels turning in my head! It’s a pretty unique way of looking at birthdays and the age that comes along with it.

At the close of this week. I’m closing another chapter of my life, year 23. And in all honesty I’m happy it’s drawn to an end.

It has been a bit of a tuff year…I’ve had a million and one-hundred million thoughts & emotions running through my head and heart. BUT at the end of it all here I am. I made it to 24!

A part of me wants to reflect on what I’ve overcome (regarding the hardships) … but I won’t. Not because I’m not proud of myself, but because the people or parts of my past that caused the most hurt or trials don’t deserve any recognition while I’m celebrating the new chapter of my life. The past is in the past I’ve lived, I’ve learned and I’m not looking back.

What I will say however, is that I am stronger than I was before. I believe in myself more than I did before. I respect myself more than I did before. And I love myself more than I did before.

I literally feel like the Stephanie who lived her life as a 23 year old has passed the torch on to the new me as a 24 year old. (Corny but true)

I’ve let go of the people who were not good for me, while giving myself the chance to meet some amazing new people on the way. Aswell, I’ve been able to build up the relationships with the ones who’ve been supporting me through it all. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

I am so blessed to have been givin another year of life. There is so much I’d love to do! There’s so much life I’m looking forward to living!

That in itself is such a powerful statement, and I’m grateful I am at a point in my life when I mean it with my whole heart!

Life. I love it & I have hope in it. I have hope in what I can accomplish. And that is one of the best gifts I could have ever received from myself as I greet year 24.

Now on a serious note… alright, it’s not serious at all….

If I could ask for anything else as a gift in this new year…. aside from A’s in school. I would definitely ask to find my prince charming… or even better have him find me! I’m really hoping my run-in wirh frogs and goodness for bid TOADS is over!

A girl can wish!

Here’s to a new year.

– Steph