Grace and Poise All the Way


I like to live life on the edge. Just kidding, when it comes to edges I literally don’t see them thus I do my own stunts. Aka falling… with grace…. okay, okay maybe not grace.

Now, if you’ve ever felt embarrassed just remember the following story and maybe you’ll feel a bit better about yourself… or if you feel nervous, think about this story and hopefully it will replace your nerves with a nice laugh.

Once upon a time on Tuesday, I was at my university. It was one of those days where my hair was on point my outfit was on point; I was feeling and lookin‘ good. I had on a nice skirt with some cute chunky heeled boots. (My skirt was more form fitting SO thank goodness for that!)

Anyways, after one of my classes my friends and I decided we were going grab Starbucks. We walked to a different buildings on our campus … and gracefully entered its automatic doors. I ordered my Vanilla Bean Frappe; all was well (If you’ve never tried this drink I RECOMMEND it highly! It’s like heaven in a cup!)

Eventually we were leaving the building and I was trailing behind my friends. I had my Starbucks in one hand and my phone in the other (yes…we could go so far as to say I was a distracted walker)

NOW in my defence, as you enter this particular building the platform before the doors is circular. I’ve only ever walked straight off of the main sidewalk onto the entryway and thru the doors. No steps. BUT little did I realize, if you deviate walking straight up the center of this circle, steps start to develop! If you go to the right side of the circle one stair develops, if you go over a bit more two stairs develop. Are you pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down?

So… now picture this… I’m walking thru the automatic doors, the wind blowing thru my hair like a photo shoot (maybe that part isn’t true but we’re going to go with it) I’m exuding confidence; these two good looking guys are directly infront of me and there are students all around and BAM!

My toes hook onto the unbeknownst step infront of me. My arms  splayed out like I had been shot in the back and I began to fall forward landing in a prayer position with a nice kurplunk! Having let out a nice little “urraaahhhh!” as I fell.

The two boys instantly jumped and turned around asking if I was okay – and literally all I could do was laugh! I was killing myself laughing holding up one hand while I tried to say everything was okay. My friends at this point we’re coming towards me asking “what the heck happened?!” They literally just heard a plop and there I was on the ground.

It was honestly so hilarious, one of those moments that you see in life and say “phew! Thank goodness that wasn’t me!” But it was me! My friend said she would have been so embarrassed because so many people witnessed it, but in all honesty laughing it off made it not that big of a deal. Just an incredibly funny story.

I managed to come out alive with a bloody knee & my Starbucks still intact to comfort me. I also managed to secure some bonus fall accessories namely, a cast and some crutches. There’s nothing quite like “Fall” Fashion.

I hope you all are having a great weekend!

– Steph

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