Clean Up


I saw this shirt on pinterest and absolutely love it!

It’s actually pretty funny because this is a conversation my mom and I have had on more than one occasion. She always has a hard time wrapping her mind around the notion of me having OCD. Of course she recognizes the ocd in my behavior and arrangements of space BUT when my room looks like a war zone every now and then, the question is posed….

“Are you and the doctors sure you have ocd?”

Do I have ocd? Yes. Do I only write in black pen when I take notes? Do I walk thru stores straightening merchandise? Or sit in lobbies and straighten chairs if no one is there to watch me? Does everything have a proper place? Do I colour, texture and style organize my closet? I sure do. And did my room and bathroom look like a Armageddon happened in it this past week? Holy cow yes!

I have ticks. And I have ocd that make me a wee bit cray cray when it comes to my personal space and the arrangements therein. However, I also have bipolar, and sometimes my mood or my cycle so to speak wins out over the ocd. It’s funny how life unfolds sometimes.

When my room falls apart my inner ocd is going crazy but it has to wait it’s turn, because I’m literally not in the mood. This weekend gratefully everything found its proper place again.

I have ocd and believe me when you meet me you can see it in all of it’s full glory & splendor BUT I also have bipolar and sometimes the ocd is put om hold becuae of my mood. It’s a special combo that at the end of the day this t-shirt captures perfectly. Can I get an Amen!

– Steph

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