It’s Okay to Admit It


Here’s a post for kicks and giggles and also a little bit of a “you should know better”.

So on Sunday I didn’t take my meds to spite … everything and everyone that had anything to do with helping me be happy &  healthy. Clearly I was ticked, since that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!….Anyways, on Sunday night I had a huge anxiety attack/breakdown…meltdown… tomato tamato and because I refused to take my meds I was awake all night. It’s fair to say after it was all said and done I was physically and emotionally exhausted.

However, Monday rolled around and I was in a significantly better mood. Everything that was “falling apart” surprisingly wasn’t! Fancy that eh?
So my Monday rolled along and eventually it was time for me to go to work. (I was looking forward to work, I love the seniors that I work with, they have bring me so much joy!)

So off to I work I went, prior to starting my shift however I had to talk to my boss regarding my school schedule changing (I’m no longer going to be able to work my shifts). This simple discussion had me incredibly anxious BUT because my boss is amazing she was incredibly understanding. My shift began and all seemed well…. now…my theory about what transpired… is a combination of Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and me already having had a huge anxiety attack.

One minute I’m talking and the next minute I’m on the verge of passing out. I kept fanning myself with my hand saying “wow, it’s really hot! I can’t seem to catch my breath… wow, yah,  no, I can’t breathe” thankfully one of the girls grabbed me before I fell … I was escorted to a chair where I had a lovely nurse run to me in a panic… by this point I literally couldn’t breathe so I was hyperventilating and as per usual when this happens I was apologizing in between trying to breathe (why I apologize, I have no idea… maybe it hs to do with me being an inconvenience haha)

My vitals were checked … I must say it was quite the spectacle. The real kicker is that I’ve been working at this seniors home for MONTHS and my last week or work BOOM this happens! It was all quite funny, I had to be wheeled away in a wheel chair so my parents could pick me up; my dad had to basically carry me to the car because every time I tried to stand I’d start hyperventilating and my body would start to shake… like I said I think it was over exhaustion, basically my body was shutting down; refusing to work.

So home again home again! I took my medication and then I slept. And Voila! I was back on my feet the next morning. And when I came into work I was greeted by my loving residents who made me smile just as they always do. (They all sweetly expressed how worried they were and how happy they were to see me smiling and laughing)

Don’t be stupid like me! Don’t  skip your meds JUST to prove a stupid point. Ultimately your hurting yourself more than anyone else…. let this be a lesson.

In this situation all I can do is laugh and shake my head. I could be super embarrassed about it BUT hey?! Where is that going to get me? It’ll get me no where fast. There’s a lot worse things that could have happened. And I don’t need any frown wrinkle lines!

– Steph

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