How Tuff Are You?


In society I think there is a misconception about what it truly means to be “tuff minded”. Tuff is not relentlessly going through life, guarding yourself against other people who cross your path, getting them before they get you. That is not the makings of a tuff mind. Rather I believe a tuff mind evaluates situations, developing the best approach that builds people up along the way.

Caring for others, in a world that screams competition; now that’s a tuff mind.

I watched a documentary and it made an interesting point that we are conditioned to compete from the get-go (there are some cultures that do not follow this approach). Firstly when we are placed in school where there is ample competition with peers, then entering into university MAJOR competitioand and lastly entering into the work force. All our peers are considered competition; standing in the way of us recieving potential awards, raises or promotions… competition, competition, competition. In order to succeed we have to pull away from the rest, leave them in the dust, step on a few small people to get to where we need to be. Casualties are inevitable right? Wrong.

This misguided belief, suggests there is no winning as a collective group. Instead we must strive to stand alone making our mark above the rest. But truth be told people get lonely standing apart from everyone, because we are not meant to be alone. It’s not in our nature. What one person can do alone is weak compared to the potential strength a group of people offers.

People are not tuff based on their “individual successes”. What truly makes someone tuff? Reaching the top while bringing others up with you, especially as people tell you it’s a waste of time and energy. That takes true strength and requires a tender heart. When you succeed and share your knowledge, you create a fulfilling life ultimatly yielding greater success. And when I refer to success I’m not solely referring to monitory value. I’m referring to life as a whole, living and feeling alive with purpose, now that is success.

*** Side note: I’m not condemning all competition because I myself am a very competitive person BUT the difference is as I compete with myself to be a better version of me I DO NOT put others down in the process (at least that is NEVER my intention). Putting others down is never necessary in order to achieve our personal goals. Winning and losing is a part of life and doesn’t singularly determine and define our value OR the value of someone else.

Put your tuff mind and a tender heart to good use, grow and inspire and lift others up along the way.

– Steph

Who Do You Trust?


Here’s a bit of humor for your mid-week Wednesday.

This meme was sent to me from my sister, it made me laugh pretty good. It reminded me of a story which begins… once upon a time my mom was describing my body type to my sister and I and she said,

“Stephanie you have a Jay Leno butt ”

And then my sister and I were like,

“A what?!!?”

And them my mom started laughing and clarified,

“I meant to say a JLo butt NOT Jay Leno!”

We all had a pretty good laugh. And I was grateful my mom didn’t think I had a Jay Leno rear.

And hey, if this meme holds true, it definitely indicates I don’t lie, trust me.

Happy Wednesday.

– Steph

Tick Tock


Goodness Gracious! My apologies for the inconsistent posts lately. This past weekend I was away camping and boy oh boy! Was it ever fun!!

I haven’t been camping in years, and this past weekend I had to scratch my head and ask myself why not?!

We had a family reunion and it was incredibly fun & interesting to see all of my cousins. Especially since we are all adults now and not little kids running around…. although there we still our moments ran when we ran around. It was also so interesting to see an abundance of children running around on our behalf since most of my cousins and sisters have kids of their own now.

Sometimes it just really hits home how fast time flys. I feel like this past year has gone by in the blink of an eye. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but it’s definitely made me question how I choose to spend my time and who I choose to spend it with.

You never get time back. It’s the most precious commodity we have in this life. It’s currency never expires and it’s value never decreases. It’s precious and it’s important that we give it to others wisely and spend it on ourselves wisely.

After my family reunion finished we packed our tents and my youngest sister, her husband and I drove to another city to attend a heritage day festival. This festival was filled with pavilions of different countries showcasing history, dancing, music, and FOOD! It was so much fun, and worth the drive to create those memories with one another.

This week looks like it’s going to be busy, and I’m excited to see what unfolds and what I create throughout it. I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend or if it was just a regular weekend… I hope you still enjoyed it.

At the beginning of this week I encourage you to take a look at where you are investing your time. Ask yourself if it’s worthwhile? Are you getting a return on your investment? Does it profit and enrich your own life? Does it offer as much as it takes?

It’s a fresh week; learn and let go from last week, move on with intention this week, make new memories, live, laugh and love.

– Steph