Breaking Genius…. Maybe


This post is for kicks and giggles. Perhaps it will also act as an indicator for the level of nerd I am, demonstrating  the way my brain works. Now with that being said…

Have you ever written or drawn out your name and your family members….just because you’re bored?

This is a regular occurrence in my life. I don’t know why but if I’m sitting at a table and there’s a scrap piece of paper, I  bet you your dollar that I’ll be drawing & writing names on it.

But my dear friends… this time my beautiful doodles turned into a EURIKA moment! I’ve mentioned prior that I’m a big fan of straight lines. I know that’s a weird statement BUT I’m a straight lines kinda’ gal (I came up with a personality distinction based around lines… maybe I’ll explain that later) . Squiggles & zig zags are not my type. I think it also goes without saying that I’m a fan of symmetry… why am I telling you all these random facts? Because this time as I was drawing out my sisters names in order I found a parallel; symmetry and it blew my mind!

I honestly felt like I found the cure to world peace. Sometimes it’s the simple, corniest things that bring us the greatest happiness and satisfaction.

When I showed my family my discovery they laughed but appreciated the interesting qualities it presented.

What a way to get the ball rolling on a Monday! 

Anywho I hope this week you get to find and discover your own EURIKA moment. Enjoy mine below… haha


– Steph

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