Is Your Heart Beating?


Here’s a nice spin on life.

Beyond the joys of having bipolar which is in a league of its own when it comes to having ups and downs, this quote allows you to look at these cycles from a different perspective.

The ups and downs that everyone has regardless to mental illness or not, are a declaration of life. It’s inevitable. There is no possible way to have a flat line…. unless we die… I know thats a bit morbid but it’s the truth. Perhaps we may have less spiked highs or lows giving us a relatively calm experience, however if we only ever barley make a dent in the highs and lows I’m fairly confident we’d be living a boring life (no offence). There would be no spice. And a little spice is nice.

Highs and lows are inevitable and because of this it’s critical we learn how to manage both spectrums. The past 10 months I’ve worked incredibly hard trying to learn better coping skills for both my highs and lows. Life is unpredictable, YES we can plan and prepare ourselves to a certain extent which is what I’ve tried to do BUT the prepreation should be dedicated to dealing with the unexpected. I’ve mentioned I’m a HUGE planner but life doesn’t always go according to plan AND honestly sometimes I’m grateful for that. When it goes unscripted it makes me go beyond my comfort level try something new, learn something new, meet someone new to live a little more then I thought possible.

Up or Down, I’m grateful I have life. I’m grateful I have this life to live, learn and grow. Consider your heart beat as a declaration of embracing the highs and lows because they are ultimately what keep us alive.

– Steph

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