Empty Promises

I need to be strong

Words are just pretty words unless you take action to back them up. That doesn’t mean that words alone can’t cause immense pain – because they can. They can cut like a sharp knife making your heart bleed. But they can also cut like a blunt knife – dragging out the pain; bleeding you dry.

The second knife that I am referring to is empty promises. Words that are spoken so sweetly, promising of a better tomorrow, promising to change, promising to love and respect you, promising to be someone – who they aren’t and who they never will be. These words are a blunt knife that drag out the pain we feel in our hearts. We convince ourselves to stay. To give them one more try. We trust their word. BUT their word means nothing. They have no honor, all they have is selfishness. Selfishness that they consume you with, stealing your happiness to fuel their own. They steal life from you because of the sweet words that convince you stay. And these are the words that make you hurt more than anything. When you love someone only to have them drag you through hell on empty promises rather than protecting your heart –  never owning up to the fact that they are not and will never be what you deserve. Selfish.

It breaks my heart, to know someone so close to me has endured and is in the midst of this bloody storm. I’ve been there, and I thought my heart died with because of it – but I eventually realized I was stronger then I gave myself credit for and that I was only just beginning to live once he was finally out of my life. Beyond all the verbal abuse he battered me with constantly, the words that hurt the most were the ones filled with empty promises. The ones that kept me there, that allowed me to still believe we could work things out, the apologies that begged me to stay because he would change. Those were the ones that made me bleed out the longest after it was all said… and nothing done.

“And that’s the thing about people who mean what they say. They think everyone else does too.” This quote from The Kite Runner is one that often crosses my mind. And it’s a sad truth, BUT even though it is the truth I refuse to become bitter or manipulative joining the ranks of those who utter mere words with nothing to back them up. I speak with intention NOT for attention. I speak truths so that no one may doubt where I stand and what my true character is. I know what I want and what action is required of me to achieve it. I honor my name and the meaning of being true to my word and I know that I have no place for people in my life that only know pretty words and nothing else


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