That Awkward Moment


Here’s some humor for your Friday. This picture always makes me laugh, her face; the explanation for her face, it’s too good!

I don’t how many times I’ve been the victim of this awkward moment. Waving at someone zealously only to realize that they wern’t even waving at me… one of lifes cruelest jokes. I still haven’t quite figured out how to smoothly cover up the awkwardness. Sometimes I attempt to run my hands thru my hair like “yeaaaa I wasn’t waving I was lifting my hand in a side to sideĀ  motion so that I could comb thru my hair easier….” Perhaps not the most believable story and I’m gonna guess the look on my face that mirrors this little girls is a dead give away.

Happy Friday Everyone! Hopefully you had a good laugh & hopefully you are spared of this awkwardness today!

– Steph