What is Beautiful?


It’s a beautiful Saturday, I woke up this morning and finished watching the BBC film Jane Eyre. I was in the mood for a tragic love story last night BUT my meds kicked in before I could finish it… go figure. So this morning as I ate my cereal, I had tears in my eyes and my heart full of love. The character Jane Eyre… holy guacamole! Words do not adequately express the strength of that young woman.  (I’ve yet to read the actual book… I really should. It’s fictional which I’ve generally strayed from BUT ohhh the substanace of Jane Eyre is completely applicable to how we can choose to rise above our unfortunate  circumstances, I imagine I could take a few notes)

I was supposed to meet a dear friend of mine for lunch today. (in a city 1.5 hrs away, she also drives 1.5 hrs and we meet in the middle) However, I was not feeling up for the drive… I’ve had headaches nearly every day this week and I never get headaches so the drive seemed quite daunting. Gratefully my friend understood and we made plans to see each other at a later date. So all is well, no one died. And I got to breathe a little easier. (I’m pretty sure my headaches are a consequence of my anxiety being a little higher this week… so fun. No…not really)

So, my Saturday has been spent in isolation by my own doing. (My parents are also away visiting my eldest sister H) And I’m happy with the choice to be on my own today… the inner nerd broke completely free and I have unexpectedly spent over 5 hrs (& still counting) studying my spanish. Who knew it could be so captivating??!

I remember when I was taking spanish in school… it was so bothersome, and yet here I am years later trying again… and I can’t seem to to get enough. I think mindset is critical when it comes to learning anything. If you look at the potential impact, application, or relavence I guarantee your interest will go up a few notches. (this is a goal I have in action with a plan!)

I love school, I’m not the best student… BUT I’m not too shabby (that was me self conciously trying not putting myself down… because as humans we do that a lot when it comes to our talents or skills. Own it, if you’ve got it. That’s not being conceited, it’s being proud of what you’ve worked for)

Anywho, when I’m not in school I still like to study and learn on a variety of topics. If someone mentions something I do not know, I look it up. I LOVE Google! I have a firm belief that continuous learning is imperative to living a full life as you discover passions and talents you otherwise would have missed out on. Does that mean I need to memorize the periodic table? … no … I could watch tutorials on making fondant cakes and give it a whirl (which i’ve done and adore doing now) or  read about our emotional EQ, study interior design, practice instruments or singing, try my hand at art… anything that engages your mind and asks you to think in a different way.. or perhaps offers a new perspective.

I am not the best student, but I am a good student AND I attribute that to being hungry. Hungry for knowledge; knowledge that I can apply and turn into wisdom.

Some people are primarily attracted to physical features… yes I fall into that category but only for a brief moment. As soon as someone opens their mouth… thats what seals the deal for my interwst. Intellect that’s what gets me every time regardless to him being a 10/10 or not. And in all honesty, YES I want to be considered beautiful by my partner BUT beyond that I want them to think my mind is beautiful. My thoughts and ideas, everything I have been learning about and bettering myself with. I want them to think that is a timeless beauty that I have.

Beauty starts from the inside. Loving ourself and building ourselves. Knowing we have no limits aside from the ones we place on ourselves. Be strong and learn. Love learning and you will set a a fire within you that will go on forever whether in isolation or in the companionship of others. Learning is timeless. And it’s fun. It doesn’t have to be boring, it can be exciting and engaging.

A beautiful women or a beautiful man, with a brain and a compassionate heart… that’s a lethal combination.

Happy Learning.

– Steph

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