Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

I’m a big time goal lover… as I’m sure you noticed if you’ve read any of my previous posts.

What makes a goal brilliant? Well obviously if it’s a super-duper-out-of-this-world-big goal!! …. Yah…. No, that doesn’t make a “brilliant goal”. Not that I’m hating on goals of that caliber because by all means they are impressive BUT for most people who want to set and achieve goals, I have a little piece of advice… have tiny goals that over time equal a nice big juicy goal.

I have a horrible habit of setting exponentially huge goals for myself… I’m getting better at NOT doing this but sometimes the old habit comes out to play. And what happens when I set HUMUNGO goals? I shall tell you, I unintentionally build a system that beats myself up, questioning my ability to do anything right let alone anything at all.. come again? Why would pursing a positive goal something exciting and amazing, bring out such negative thoughts?

Simple, because we failed to achieve our goal in one go, if at all.. remember it’s huge! Huge and overwhelming…

When I set or find myself setting huge goals a lot of self doubt swiftly follows. I’ll tell myself that by such & such a date my goal would be completed to perfection. No, IF, AND,  or BUTS. But… that didn’t always happen, and when dooms day rolled around (which was also usually unrealistic set) I usually failed to complete the goal having stopped my endeavors all together, because I was so overwhelmed. Making me feel like the biggest loser-let down and the most incapable human everrrrrr.

Am I actually incapable though? No, I’m not and neither are you, anything is achievable with time and effort and a realistic plan. Fail to plan, Plan to fail. But wait, we set the goal that was our plan duhhh we begin and we had the end goal… this my dear friends is where mini goals come into play.

Each mini goal has as much value as if you were completing the big mother ship of goals. And that’s the mind set that will help you succeed. Without planning mini goals… achieving the huge goal is daunting… and has a lower probability of success and higher a probability of you putting yourself down.

Having flexibility is key to any goal, the objective is clear BUT just like Thomas Edison, there may be a few set backs prior to the light bulb coming on. BUT he still had his goal set,  just like we do.

I used to do 5 pushups a night, why? Because that’s all I could do in one go. My goal was to be able to do more than 5… I wanted 40. Did I tell myself I’d do 40 pushups by next week? No. In the past I would have, instead this time I gave myself two weeks. In two weeks I’d be doing no less than 10.

Ooooo so vague BUT at the same time it was crystal clear. I had a goal that I was working towards. I started to increase how many pushups I did per day with baby steps … 5 in the morning 5 at night… this method gradually allowed me to do 10 in a row AND with that under my belt I felt even more motivated and confident I’d reach my goal of 40.

So did I automatically set my goal to 40 after I reached 10? Nope, I set my next mini goal to no less than 20 in two weeks. Same rountine 20 in the morning and 20 at night. By the end of the two weeks I was feeling stronger and challanged myself to try 40. If I made it, awesome if not I would give myself another goal to meet. BUT regardless to if i made 40 in a row I was able to do a lot more than when I started.

I have met my goal, and I am so proud of myself for sticking with it. I DIDN’T get there in one go BUT I got there.

The execution is critical to the success of our goals. It doesn’t have to be set in stone, it is allowed to be flexible so long as you keep your eye on the prize.

Don’t set yourself up for failure by trying to do HUGE goals in one go. Rome wasn’t built in a day, super star athletes didn’t find success with only one practice, and Lawyers didn’t become lawyers by only reading one book… persistence and focus, incremental growth so that you build confidence rather than tear it down.

Dream Big! Plan Smart! And Achieve Your Goals! Remember that just because you have to go back to the drawing board doesn’t mean your goal is unattainable.

– Steph