Have You Felt This Kind of Love?


So this post is going to be a bit sappy… it’s basically just going to express how much I love my little dog….my fur baby Nutmeg (Yes I called her a fur baby)…and as much as I call her my trusty side kick… she’s definitely been my hero.

My sister and I were talking on our way home from the gym, about how I’ve moved all over (not always the best idea… my impulsive actions and being improperly medicated were always BIG factors) My sister E and I are incredibly close and we were discussing how the distance was really hard on the both of us.

And that’s where Nutmeg was brought up. I made the comment that I had no idea what I would have done without her. She’s been on every adventure and she has literally saved me from myself.

In particular when I lived on my own, and hit lows that made getting out of bed seems like death itself … my little Nutmeg would stay by my side for as long as I was in bed BUT she’d also motivate me to get up so I could take her out for her walks..  getting us both some well needed fresh air and sunshine.

Her unconditional love has to be one of the most beautiful qualities that she’s brought into my life. I cry… sometimes AND I don’t always have a reason to explain why… and Nutmeg never expects one. She curls up with me, offering a few kisses. And just makes me feel like it’s okay; she loves me regardless.

It’s been a huge blessing having Nutmeg. When I bought her in 2010… I had been planning and wanting a dog of my own for over 3 years, I wanted to prove to myself I was ready and capable of having responsibility (a lot had been going on in my life) Nutmeg brought out the best in me even when I didnt see or feel it. Quitting with her wasn’t an option. She was my responsibility and I couldn’t abandon her.

When I moved around I was told it would be easier if I sold her… got rid of her. Apartments that allow dogs are few … and always have hefty fees. BUT getting rid of her WAS/IS NOT an OPTION. I took on the responsibility of being a pet owner and I do not believe in throwing a dog or a pet away because it’s not convenient. That’s not fair. You don’t take their love and then toss them to the side at your leisure. So when I moved… I paid the fees. I found buildings that took me and Nutmeg…or it was a no deal.

I’ve cried over her in respects to feeling like I’ve let her down… Dogs are just so loyal… and aside from my family and a few select friends … when it came/comes to such love I can’t even begin to measure it. She is such a strong heartbeat that keeps mine going. This may seem Malo dramatic … but seriously she is such a huge part of my life and happiness.

Tonight when I got home from the gym around 11pm… Nutmeg ran out from her bed to greet me. Seeing her, seriously always warms my heart. As I’m writing this post we are playing fetch with her teddy bear and mini zebra… playtime with her is at any given time… and when my insomnia is in full force lo and behold she’s up with me.

Lately since the weathers been so nice we have been playing soccer … mind you she’s smaller than the ball BUT she loves running along side it and jumping around it when it stops…. I laugh every time because she just looks so happy and cute.

She lays in the hammock with me… and while I watch movies she is either on my lap or sleeping around my neck and shoulders.

I could babble more about how much I love my dog BUT I’ll cap it for now. Money does not buy happiness… but it did buy me Nutmeg and from day 1 she’s warmed my heart when I thought it’d gone cold. She has taught me so much about love, responsibility and not giving up. She is priceless.

It may all sound silly… but I love my dog that much and then some. When times get tough and I start to drown in emotions… she somehow always manages to make me smile. And I know I will make it. She needs me and I need her. Today’s post in short … was me counting one of my blessings. A huge blessing in and small 4 legged 4lb package. Love.

– Steph

4 thoughts on “Have You Felt This Kind of Love?

  1. This is exactly the confirmation i needed for my next blog; I wanted to write about how animals can have positive affects on people with mental illness. I feel as though animals and the act of taking care of animals or owning pets, whatever animal it may be, its therapeutic to us. i feel like, especially for people suffering from forms of mental illness, animals provide a sort of responsibility, love and therapy we need to help whatever issues one may have. would you agree?

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    • I absolutely agree! I often refer to Nutmeg as my therapy dog 😊 she has brought me a purpose and an unconditional love that breaks through any label I myself or others may have placed on me. Nutmeg literally only sees me as “me” … it’s a beautiful feeling.
      – Steph


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