The Struggle is Real!


Why oh why?? Technology hates me and the above dipicts how I try to problem solve – the facial expression is as accurate as it gets.

My lap top is running at the pace of a snail that’s stuck in gum…. we’re talkin’ slow…. real slow, with a consistent pattern of freezing. It kinda makes me laugh though,  because I can remember when my family got our first computer. Now that was a time when computers were slow in general, using dial up internet instead of high speed… those were the years patience was born.
(Do you remember that gorilla game? Two gorillas standing on buildings throwing bomb bananas back and forth… it was the real deal)

I’m currently trying to do a scan and cleanup and blah blah blah BUT holy cow! Just the process of doing this cleanup is taking forever. Luckily I have my new phone to use for Internet and so forth (a new phone because my other one defected – out on me… again technology hates me) 

Anywho I hope you all are having more luck than me with your technological devices…. such a love hate. I can’t live with – I can’t live without. I think I need to do some readings specifically directed towards technology.

– Steph


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