Make a Move Monday! (2)

Positive Fitness

(Photo Credit: BuzzFeed)


Week 1 was a success! I am so proud of my sister E! Monday – Friday at the gym with me & Saturday we did our 5 hr hiking adventure! We will be doing our measurements at the end of week 2 (Just a heads up). Biking and boxing were a go for me … up until I was rained out (cons of hanging my bag outside) BUT I’m back at it with the sunshine this week.

Quickly I want to say I love this quote! It’s something I try to remind myself and my sister(s) of constantly AND you should remind yourself of it too! (if you forget don’t fret I will always be here to remind you, I got cho’back) This quote aligns with the notion of positive thinking AND believe me you will get so much further in life when you are kind to yourself.

How much easier do you think it would be if you went to work out thinking, “WOW, I’m AWESOME! Not only have I taken my health into my own hands BUT I’m about to enhance my gorgeous self into an even more GORGEOUS HEALTHY SELF DAY BY DAY! DANG I’m goooood!” Alright… alright! That may seem overly peppy but I’m sure you get my point. I’d so much rather motivate myself to work out thinking positive thoughts about myself as opposed to “I’m so gross, I can’t even stand to look at myself, there’s no way I’ll ever be beautiful, if I work out maybe I’ll be able to change all of this ugly… yah, I need to go workout because I hate everything about me” This is another extreme perspective. Honestly I’ve had both BUT the voice in my head that has kept me going to the gym for this past year has been the first one. Having a self love. A respect for myself and all the potential I have. Embracing the way my body is naturally (CURVEY) and working to enhance those features erase them. BE CONFIDENT with your unique package you offer, YOU are absolutely beautiful and when you finally let yourself accept that truth… motivation to embrace a healthier version of yourself will come that much more easier.

Sometimes its a slow process… for example I like my nose. That may sound silly but it’s the truth. I have my mothers nose and I love it. Take a look at yourself, and if you need to take small steps towards loving yourself – do it! Maybe you have amazing nails. Maybe your hair is in the same league as Rapunzel’s. Maybe you have amazing looking toes! Or your eyes could mesmerize an entire army! Start small if you have to BUT start! Let yourself see the magic that transpires from loving yourself into a healthier happier you!


The joy I feel in my heart when my sister looks at me with determination to finish an exercise she never thought she’d be able to do in the first place; priceless. The joy I’ve felt when my sister has told me she’s starting to feel more confident in herself and she has confidence in her ability to reach her health goals; priceless. She is beginning to look at herself in a different light, I always tell her “We don’t work out because we hate our bodies, We workout because we love them.” Remember that and keep at it! Slow and steady, remember a step no matter how small is still progress and you need to give yourself some credit for it.

With that my dearly beloved, I’m off to the gym with E right now to have a late night pump! Enjoy and Happy Fitness!


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