Directions Right? Or Wrong?

Technology and I have an ongoing battle and it’s fair to say I’m technologically illiterate. And whatever device I touch  dies…. quickly.

As of this morning I have no phone; until I receive a temporary replacement or the company sends me my new one. The past few days I’ve had problems with the battery life of my phone, it would be charged at 100% and then BOOM be at 0% within the hour… not cool. The next phase was it would just randomly shut off – off & on-off & on.. and then lastly death. It wouldn’t turn on at all. Se la vie, life goes on…. except in the case of my phone (lame joke I know haha)

I generally write my posts via my phone.. so it will be interesting to see how I survive going without. Phones are such funny devices, they give us so much freedom and yet at the same time slip on the chains of bondage. (That’s a topic for an entirely different post)

Moving on this is a bit of a long/story post. Yesterday was a day I went without my phone and even had it been properly working I wouldn’t t have used it. Why? Because, yesterday I ventured out on a hiking trip with my older sister E (I will refer to her as E from now on). Talk about a challenge and an adventure! The memories that we created are priceless, and the pride we felt for getting to the top of the mountain was incredible.

Firstly, I will share a snippet that relates to life… we need to be going in the right direction or we’ll never reach our destination. People can be going no where fast. Literally. As E and I set out on our hike we parked our vehicle and looked around for our path (you would think there’d be a noticeable sign), I was loaded up with a big backpack and nutmeg, E had her baby strapped on (just picture this for a moment, remember nutmeg is 4lbs).

We saw a faint looking trail heading into the woods, so we figured that must be it, right? WRONG! We climbed over fallen trees jumped over marshes and creeks following this “trail” that started to become eaten up by grass, moss and deer poop… the question was asked multiple times “Do you still see the path?” and the shaky reply was “Yes”…. until finally we had no path. We had not reached a destination we had reached somewhere in the middle of the woods (Nutmeg being carried the whole time because of the giant fallen trees) We laughed shook our heads and agreed we had taken the wrong trail ( if you could even call it a trail). So we set out back to the beginning spending an hour total going no where.

When we reached our vehicle we still were wondering “where was our trail?!” not finding it we packed up our van feeling discouraged and started to drive to the exit and then BAM an arrow pointing across the highway indicated our trail. Hallelujah! My sister asked if I wanted to still hike it and I said “YES!” This hike had a deeper meaning to E than any other hike, it was for a “Climb Out of the Darkness” which my sister had raised money for. This cause supports women with Post Partum which is a matter close to my sister’s heart – so I went on this hike because I love her and support her. So DANG – NABBIT we would HIKE!

We set out, and this hike was incredible! First off the path was a path, it was well trodden, wide and was made of dirt not grass and moss! At one point we could hear our echoes in the valley we were passing… so as any mature adult would do, we started shouting phrases and words with glee. Our trail grew incredibly steep BUT we were on a mission and we had a destination to get to, so we carried on. We supported each other and motivated each other until we were at the peak (Nutmeg climbed the entire 2hrs up the mountain side!). It was INCREDIBLE! The view that we beheld, the obstacles we overcame mentally and physically to reach it, there was no greater satisfaction. We took photos, ate the food we had brought, high-fived each other and headed back down.

We were the last ones on the mountain so you could imagine our hustle down the mountain side. E was getting exhausted BUT there was no way I was letting us be on this trail in the dark, so I told her to hold on to my backpack (which Nutmeg was now sitting in) and pulled/plowed us down the trail… random fact being surrounded by dark trees gets a wee bit eerie.

I was so proud of my sister, she is my best friend and one of the strongest women I know. To share this adventure with her was an amazing privilege. ** random note: we almost had a heart attack because I thought a black bear popped up on the trail ahead…. yah, no, it was a giant black dog, the owners had a good laugh at the panicked faces we had… who brings bear looking dogs on hiking trails??! … so cruel yet so funny for oncoming hikers hah **

This was a bit of a long post, but it was such a wonderful experience, I wanted to share. We are capable of so much more than we know.

And remember that in life when you have a goal/destination only going on the right trail will get you there. Without going in the right direction you’ll end up no where fast BUT also remember you can always turn around and start fresh, it’s never too late to change your direction. You can get to your destination, of that I am sure.

– Steph




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