Don’t Let this Rob You

“I’ll be happy when -”

How often do we fall victim to this elusive statement? How often to we rob ourselves of happiness in the present momemt because we are so consumed with the final destination that we believe will cure all our woes?

I’ve been incredibly guilty of using this phrase excessively in the past, I used it so often I probably could have had my trademark stamped on it.

So what changed? I’ve taken back the power to be in charge of my happiness; I’ve acknowledged and I call it for what it is – a dreadful distortion. It has been a hard mental habit to kick BUT like I always say – progress not perfection.

When we always look towards the “I’ll be happy when”, we miss out on the now. We miss out on memories that could have been beautiful because we are harvesting a continual dissatisfaction with our current situation.

I’ve literally moved to different cities in pursuit of my “I’ll be happy when”, and did I find my happiness? NO. I’ve starved myself because I thought I’d be happy when I was skinny – was I happy? NO I’ve bought things because of the temporary happiness I thought they’d bring was enough for me to be happy at that time. Was it? NO, no it wasn’t.

Being happy with the journey builds so much more confidence in one’s self than seeking a stagnant destination. Once you reach whatever you’ve deemed your happiness, is that it? Will you do nothing else, will you pursue nothing else? Most likely not SO what does that mean? It means you will then attach your happiness to another ending, you will never experience a completeness.

“Finding Joy in the Journey”, a worthy phrase to try to live by. Your journey, and your happiness is not determined by one single moment, it’s a compilation of moments. Of course there are things that will make us happy that we haven’t achieved yet BUT as we work in achieving those goals the key is to stop and smell the flowers that are along our path, recognize what we have right in front of us THAT will contribute to our goal becoming that much better when attained.

How sweet will be our happiness when we can literally be happy in the present moment, without our happiness being dictated by it’s attatchement to someone or something singularly.