Make a Move Monday!


Guess which one is my gloved hand ….

If you guessed pink, you are correct! The blue glove belongs to my sister, I bought us matching gloves because we’re cool like that …. or extra nerdy… take your pick.

Today was day 1 of our 3 month fitness journey that we are embarking on together. Fitness is important to me and I wanted to share that love with my sister (s).

I was fortunate enough to win 3 free months at my gym; I could take them for myself or give them to another individual. I’ve chosen to give the membership to my older sister so she can workout with me. We both have an end goal after our 3 months is up and I’m incredibly excited and motivated to share this experience with her.

My Stats: June 15th
Height: 5’4 3/4
Bust: 43″
Waist: 31.5
Hips: 44″

For clarificationdont i don’t care about the weight on my scale, inches are what I care about. For kicks & giggles when I reach my 3 months I’ll post what my weight is at currently and what it is when I finish. Weight is not the important factor on a fitness journey which is ironically also called a “weightless journey”

Why not? Becauese we all carry our weight differently and we carry/build muscle mass, so it’s important not to get caught up with the number on the scale.

I’m curvy – it’s in my genetics, I’m half Nicaraguan so the Latina side kicked in for me and my figure. Do I have a thigh gap? NO! Will I ever have one? NO! Am I okay with that? YES! Once upon a time I thought I needed that gap in order to be beautiful I needed to be super skinny … I loathed my figure BUT one day it hit me, my curves were beautiful, my thickness was beautiful and once I started working out because I loved my body it became a passion of mine, an oasis on earth, I could be refined and enhance my natural features. Don’t work out because you hate your body, work out because you love it and it’s the only one you’ll ever have.

Enough babble for now.
But Monday AM gym time – Done.
Monday 30 min bike ride (with my younger sister)- Done.

Happy Monday & good luck checking off a goal on your list today!

– Steph

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