Take A Minute

Last night I watched the movie Life of a King, it stared Cuba Gooding Jr, and my oh my…. I ugly cried.

It happens, I can’t help it; my heart will literally hurt for the hardships I know go beyond movie screens and so when a character in a film such as Life of a King illustrates the reality of so many young children and adults … it gets to me. Now, going back to Cuba Gooding Jr, he made me ugly cry in another movie as well (he is such a moving actor) Boyz n the Hood. Normally, I try to avoid movies with excessive profanity (out of personal preference) BUT once this film began… I had to finish it and oh how my heart ached and I sobbed for those individuals.

Goodness gracious, life can be so tragic yet it is so beautiful. There is always a choice in life, that is something both of those films voiced. We always have the power of choice – we allow ourselves to be victimized or we take control of our life and how we react.

We may not all come from ideal backgrounds or circumstances OR maybe we do regardless it does not dictate the life we live. We dictate, we choose who we want to be; we choose to rise above or roll over and give-way to the wayside. We choose to be victims or we choose to accept the responsibility and take control of ourselves and take the power away from others.

One of my favourite quotes of all time (I have no idea who said it)

“We can become bitter OR we can become BETTER”

The choice is always ours, and what a privilege that choice is.

Anywho, random posting but this was running through my mind and I figured I’d share.

I’m off to go wash out my hair mask… my hair was in dire need of some repair! Hopefully this mask worked some magic… if not Plan B!


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