When You Start Feeling Like A Super Hero

Holy Guacamole!

I am pretty sure I’m on my way up! up! up! One of my tell-tales for entering my manic state is as follows: I can’t sleep because I feel so happy; true story. I will literally be in such a good mood that I am awake all night (even after taking my medication) I will be thinking without a word of a lie “HOLY COW I’M SO HAPPY!” … yup happy happy happy!

Last night was spent trying to calm my “happy” down.

I managed to finally fall asleep around 3am, and then I had to be at work for 6:30 am (isn’t that how the cookie crumbles?) Yet another reason I know I’m entering the manic part of my cycle – I’m morphing into the energizer bunny; I literally jumped out of bed rested and ready to go when my alarm went off… and I buzzed throughout my day.

Work in short was awesome, and when I got home I enjoyed the beautiful sunshine whilst I mowed the lawn (fact of life: I love the smell of freshly cut grass) I also managed to hang my heavy bag (for boxing) outside which I am so stoked for!! I haven’t had my punching bag set up for a good 5 months AND I’VE MISSED IT. I’m not gonna lie; there have been moments where I’ve felt like punching a wall… a bit drastic but its the truth. Did I punch a wall? No lol I did not… punching bags are very healthy to own… just saying.

Anywho, quickly carrying on from my previous post “Flashback Fitness Friday”, getting my health in order is VERY important to me. During my quest to reach a balanced lifestyle while living with bipolar, it has been reiterated to me countless times from my doctors that exercise is a HUGE TOOL for achieving balance. (note: bipolar or not, exercise is good for you and your overall health… yes that does seem like an obvious statement)

Fitness helps to keep me on a routine, it helps me keep a positive relationship with my body image (and believe me that has been a struggle in my life), It is COMPLETELY within my control AND it helps me battle my depression better. I’m not saying its a cure-all (maybe for some people it is) BUT I am saying it has been a critical part to my personal well-being/improvement.

This blog is a totally new experience for me and I am optimistic and excited with all the potential it has to help me and others grow in confidence. With that being said I’m excited to announce that I will  be keeping chronicles of my fitness journey. I have some serious goals, and I’ve yet been able to buckle down with consistency. I’m hoping that with this blog (and it’s glorious accountability) I will get my game face on and hit my target.

I will be keeping my stats, going over exercises, offering tips and trying out advice I come across with the goal to motivate myself AND you along the way. I’m far from where I want to be BUT I know I will reach my goals AND I will do it the healthy way. (I’m guilty of not so healthy methods.. I’ll confess those later in this series)

Pardon the disorganized curfluffle that my blog is in at the moment, I’m hoping to get it more organized as time goes on..

GOAL 1: Make a blog

GOAL 2: Post daily in my first week


GOAL 3: Put some of my OCD to good use and organize my blog better … ohh yeaaa the power of awesomeness!

Let the journey continue onward!

– Steph

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