Flashback Fitness Friday

Did you catch that alliteration in the title??! Can I get an air-high five? … yes. I am a nerd lol


Ladies and Gentlemen, I am a HUGE fan of fitness, remember the key word fan. I have not completely mastered the consistency/balance I’m working towards within my weekly routine and I am by no means a fitness expert. I honestly just love learning, challenging, applying and expanding what knowledge I do have. (I also enjoy helping those around me find fun in fitness)

In this post I’ll let you in on some of my fitness history …. now how did you get so lucky?!(in advance pardon m’babble)

Once upon a time ago when I was in my younger years (grade 8) I began playing sports. I played badminton, volleyball, basketball and I did 100m and discus for track. Oops… slight lie I did soccer for one glorious year in grade 7 (I won most improved player… that award still makes me laugh)

I adored playing sports and continued playing right into high school, although I cut volleyball and focused on my true love; basketball. Basketball and I began late in life, I was in grade 9 the first time I played (I had the honor of being captain of the team… we could say I had a bit of a knack for it once I tried it. I went on to play at an all-star game hosted for the entire city… and after that went on to try-out for a placement on my future High Schools Senior’s team roster so I could attend a tournament in Hawaii with them. I was blessed, and I made the cut. I was the only Jr. that got to go with the senior team – talk about a learning curb as it was only my 2nd year playing this magical sport!

Anywho after grade 10 my family moved to a new town. I played the sports I listed above (badminton I was blessed to go to provincials) BUT basketball! I tried out and was offered either a bench warming position on the Senior’s team OR co-captain of the Jr. team… I wonder which position I picked?? Co-Captain! and it was awesome, we dominated in our division … glorious memories. I honestly thought I’d go on to play basketball my senior year, then get scouted out for post secondary. I had a plan, a fool-proof pla—– FAIL!

I injured myself (or rather had an accumulation of injuries) and because I chose to ignore the pain and play without resting throughout my seasons, I did a real dooozzyyyy.

Grade 12. I couldn’t even walk on my left foot. It was perma-swollen. I had bruised and sprained a metatarsal in my foot … (apparently that’s a pretty rare talent) later it was also discovered I had collapsed my arches… my ankle was mangled meat it cracked, crunched and flip-flopped like a loosey-goosey. Later on, an MRI would allow doctors to discover that I’d sprained and twisted this particular ankle …. more than they could tell, fancy that! The MRI showcased more scarring than they could decipher!  ANYWHO, my sport life – ENDED.

I had to tape my ankle and arch everyday, wear an ankle brace for the first year. no walks. no activity. Lots of physio. I thought I’d be fixed and running. NOPE. The next year, acupuncture, massage, more physio, no activity, orthotics. NOPE. Next year, cortisone shots, more custom orthotics, physio, air-cast for months. oh yah and  they discovered I also had/have plantar fasciitis. So did I get to bounce back into activity? NOPE…

From 2008-2013 I did not get to enjoy activities as simple as walking without a knife being ripped through my foot that would then morph into the “Michelin Man”. My life plans had changed.

WHEN I finally had the chance to embrace any form of fitness into my life again, it was called weight lifting…. something I had never been a fan of before, I’M A FAN NOW! its a stationary sport so to speak…of course there is movement such as squats and lunges, even using the leg press (which I can now do without any hint of pain) I LOVE LIFTING. it honestly saved me. I finally had the chance to push my physical limits and have activity back in my life.

So from 2014 to our current 2015 I have had consistent activity with no “real” pain (I still can’t jog/run.. it’s lame but hey you can’t have everything (I can use the elliptical and bikes… do I? is the real question))

SO that is my fitness/injury history, I am still trying to figure out my feet so I can run … we’ll see when/if that happens (foot injuries have no concept of time)

I’ll end my post here… its a tad bit long (I warned you)

BUT I will finish my train of thought tomorrow… I want to clarify where I now stand with my health and fitness; flaws and all and I also want to let you in on my plans for the future (blog-n’all) Ooo la la

– Steph

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