For the Love of Food and Good Company

10 years is drawing closer, an unreal anniversary for myself and my best friend.

I’ve moved around a lot and generally never kept in contact with majority of people (I’ve always kinda been a lone wolf-and as I got older I began to isolate myself out of fear people would see my instability; in relation to my bipolar ESPECIALLY when it was undiagnosed). But there has been an exception my “BFF” lol. Although we live in different cities, our friendship has stayed alive, and thank goodness! She’s kept me sane when sanity wasn’t even an option.

We went for a dinner date last night in a cute little Mexican/ El Salvadorian restaurant called Acajutlas. We ate some of the finest cuisine available to mankind – Papusas. Papusas are an El Salvadorian dish, and honestly they are the closest thing to HEAVEN your taste buds will ever taste. Papusas are a corn tortilla stuffed with a cheese, refried beans and pork mixture (or you can get just cheese) with a cabbage and red sauce to go on top. SO GOOD! Don’t just take my word for it, I highly recommend you try them.

So last night that is what we indulged in, it was my friends first time trying them and she loved them! So we ate and talked, and talked and ate. You can never go wrong with good company and good food. I’m hoping to explore more diverse foods this up coming year, kind of a goal. As well, I think I’d like to take a crack at cooking different dishes. Change of the norm- live life on the wild side.

If there are any recommendations I’d be happy to hear.

As for today’s agenda, I’ll be chilling with my older sister and her boys, and later we will be going to a photography class together! Talk about perfect timing for enriching my blogging took kit.

– Steph

Salvadorian papusas. The national food of El Salvador. I lived on these things for a whole summer and would live on them the rest of my life.

This is what a papusa looks like. SO GOOD!

(Photo Credit:


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