Going For A Drive Down Memory Lane

It never ceases to amaze me what the human mind is capable of…

Today ladies and gentlemen I write to you from a different city other than mine own. After I finished work last night I had the pleasure of setting off on a journey to my eldest sister’s house (to see her, her husband and my 2 nephews).

This trip takes roughly 3.5 hrs (perhaps for some “speedsters” a bit shorter… don’t ask me how I know lol)

I’ve driven this particular highway more than I can count, it brings bitter sweet memories and ample time to think about life. Now, is it just me or does driving long distances do that to a person?

Aside from my beloved family living in this particular city my false frog prince  ex-boyfriend also resides in this vicinity. It was a 2 year – long distance relationship and the sad truth about it was, I was the girl who drove to see him almost every other weekend- it was never vice-versa. But hey, you live, you learn, and you put more clicks on your car than you could ever imagine. (There’ll be more on that part of my life later)

The countless trips driven to see my ex created memories by association for this particular highway. So every time I set out on it I feel a twinge of  “here we go again”, memories flood my head the good, the bad and the ugly. I am personally at a stage where I literally have to remind myself of the ugly because the good seem to appear so easily. Sometimes there’s just no going back; and this is one of those times. I drive and I drown out the memories with my car-karaoke singing to songs with more soul than the entire Destiny’s Child (Now that’s some commitment) or even better I channel my inner soul singing queen (in my opinion) Toni Braxton – with the “He Wasn’t Man Enough” anthem ringing loud and clear in my heart.

There are however, some silver linings I can take away from driving this “highway of memories”. I’ve seen some amazing sights such as the majestic northern lights, along with beautifully coloured sun sets and sunrises and captivating storms (not the most fun to drive through BUT boy! do they ever look amazing)

Perhaps memories of my ex will not always surface on this highway (here’s to praying) BUT even if they do, the one thing that always rings true when I drive it now; is that I am stronger than I ever imagined. I chose to respect myself and leave an unhealthy relationship. And I know now that when I venture to this city, I am driving to see those who love and value me; and when I leave I am leaving with better memories than what I came with. And that’s what counts.

I’m looking forward to some mini-adventures over the next few days that I’ll get to take home with me.

Wishing everyone the best on this glorious day.

– Steph

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